Private tours

	Express Tours offers private excursions from the Sunny Beach region. 
Send us your inquiry about your desired excursion and we will prepare an offer. 


The program will be tailored to your requirements. 
We can provide:
- transport, depending on the number of tourists
- guide in English, German, Russian, Polish or other language
- sites to visit
- restaurants with advance reservation and menu according to your requirements


Why to book Your privat tour with Express tours?

  • Our private tours are organized by professionals, who have carefully planned every detail in order to offer you the best possible experience in Bulgaria


  • Opposite from group tours, the private tour offers you the chance to choose your own times and amend the itinerary anyway you want, based on your needs and preferences


  • You can also stop the tour or change its itinerary on route, if and when you see something you like and wish to explore more


  • Whether you want to stay on the beaten path or you need a more individual tour, we are able to provide customized tours according to your references


  • Prior to your private tour we will pick you up from your hotel and will drop you off at the end of the tour


  • Private tours are more flexible and tend to move faster when there is a small group, instead of the group tours with 50 or more people


  • Private tours employ the most experienced and energetic drivers and tour guides that stand out due to their knowledge and quality of service


  • Our full day private tour gives you the chance to enjoy in just one day what you would otherwise see in three or more days


  • We only use luxury, safe and comfortable vehicles


  • Our private tours are available all year long


  • Private tours are an excellent option for both a large family and group of friends or an individual couple that wish to travel anywhere in Bulgaria


  • Choose your place, tour length, and date


  • Make the tour yours by customizing activities, your preferred method of transportation, and where you stay


  • Be your own guide or let one of our skilled guides lead the way


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