Tattoo party boat

Enjoy SUN and FUN cruise with the whole family!

Excellent  entertainments  for all!

This is a day time event targeted at families with children. The theme of this event is ‘Pirates’. We will create a never before seen atmosphere filled with animation and entertainment for the guests.

Guests are welcomed on board by our animation team and staff who are all in pirate dress as characters from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Children on board will enjoy special attention provided by a face painter who paints them like different characters. And throughout the day there will be various competitions with many prizes and they will also be taught how to read maps, so to find any hidden treasures, learn how to make knots and how to catch fish, etc.
Again for the children we have organized a special guest magician, whose program will be in the context of the pirate theme.
Those guests who prefer the laid back atmosphere we provide the third deck available. Here they get a real comfort and relaxation.
While our animators entertain the guests, the slide and pool will become available under the watchful eyes of our 6 lifeguards, there is also a lifeboat constantly orbiting the boat and is ready to render assistance to anyone who needs it.
The slide and pool will be in use for 1 and a half hours.
11:30 – 12:30h lunch is served, which is buffet style and includes:

- Vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes accompanied by a pate of Mediterranean hummus.
- Pasta salad with fresh tomatoes, tuna and light mayonnaise
- Grilled chicken fillet.
-Risotto with vegetables.
- Fresh baguettes
- Fruits: watermelon, bananas, apples, oranges.

For children we offer burgers.
During the event the guests are provided with beer, sangria, soft drinks from the post mix and mineral water from the cooling dispenser.
Beer and sangria are available after the stop for swimming.
During the lunch tables and chairs are arranged on first deck, the atmosphere is calm and the music is quiet.


Every day

Price: adults 74,- BGN

           children up to 12 years - 37,- BGN

           children up to 2 years - free




During this party the crew, bar staff and entertainers are dressed with stylized sailor uniforms. Everyone receives a bandana and a stamp with tattoo “Tattoo”. This event includes also time for swimming and using the water slide.

Our animation team set the mood, accompanied by DJ Kai. This is our resident DJ, who boasts a rich CV and is extremely diverse, playing in Magaluf, El Arenal, Ibiza, Rhodes, Dresden, Amsterdam, Love parade - Berlin and others. A distinctive feature is his wide range of music, from R’n’B, Old school, Drum and base, German party and commercial house. This ensures that all tastes will be satisfied.
The main idea of this party is to create a slightly "naughty" atmosphere.
Our animation team organizes several games so that each person to be an active participant rather than a passive observer.
For those who prefer relaxed atmosphere the third deck is available.

During the event our food offer is:

- Salad of fresh vegetables: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage with French dressing
- Burger / Vegetable burger for vegetarian /.

Drinks, that are unlimited throughout the event, are: beer, sangria, soft drinks and mineral water from cooling dispenser. Sangria and beer are available after the stop for swimming.
Also the bars offer full range of drinks that can be offered in a club. From cocktails and mixes up, and the prices of course are preferred.
Duration: 13.00 – 18.00

Thursday; Saturday

Price: 68,- BGN




Pick up 19.30 - transfer to the harbor.

“MOONLIGHTCRUISE” is a unique evening excursion. You will be immersed in a romantic journey under the moonlight, crossing the red carpet with a glass of Champaign in hand. Customers will be aboard for a  2.5  hour cruise under the moon light.
Customers will enjoy All inclusive drinks for the whole evening
. The All inclusive drinks available include a choise of different cocktails, wine, beer and soft drinks.
We have 3 Decks on Tattoo so customers can decide where they want to be throughout the cruise.
On our ground floor deck we will have live music provided by our very special guests, a superb unplugged Vocal and guitar performance.
On our 1st and 2nd Decks customers can sit back and relax under the stars and watch the views of the coastline by night.
This is a truly memorable evening all under the moonlight out at sea.
Immerse yourself in the world of an unforgettable fairy tale at sunset with the people you love!

**Please note the target market for this excursions is adults only.


Thursday;  Saturday

Price: 68,- BGN


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