The tenant must have at least 2 years experience and a minimum age – 23 years. Minimum period for car rental is 24 hours. In case of delay in returning the car, the tenant must notify us in advance. In the late one hour and more, without warning, the tenant shall pay the cost of renting a full day. Payment is made at the time of hire car with cash or credit card. The client is obliged to leave a deposit of 100 to 600 BGN and get it back upon returning the car.

Fuel is paid by the customer, the car is returned with the amount of fuel which has been obtained.

The price includes  Public liability insurance,  seats insurance and full insurance. In the insurance does not include: the bottom of the car, tires, interior and coupe. In case of failure of these parts, the tenant pays the full cost. In a written statement from the Police, the insurance is invalid, and also identified in the intake of alcohol or drugs.
Cars can not leave the territory of Bulgaria.

The tenant is responsible for all damages resulting from negligence. In the case of accident without protocol, he pays 100% damage. If the accident was his fault, he should pay the lease value of 3 days. Loss of documents, keys or partial theft, the tenant shall pay their full value.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Child seat – 20 BGL. for the entire rental period.
Receiving and returning the car: Burgas Airport – 20 BGL., Varna airport - 80 BGL.

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